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CampSpace - Check In/Check Out

Check In/Check Out Overview Video 13 min

Questions From Your Camp Director Peers

Q: How do I check in a child without the parent present?  :48 Video

Q: How can I add an authorized pickup for a child?  1:19 Video

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Hey, friends! 

Checking campers in and out is made simple with CampSpace! On this page you will learn how to:

› Check In Program Participants

› Check In Through the Holding Group

› Check Out Program Participants

› Check Out Through the Holding Group

› View the Dashboard

Let's go!

Q: Can I get an alert during check-in/check-out on the app if a child is missing waivers?  :47 Video

Q: Can I see if a child has allergies from the app?  :43 Video

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