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CampSpace - Communication/Media

Uploading Media Training Video 2 min

Messaging Training Video 14 min

Questions From Your Camp Director Peers

Questions From Your Camp Director Peers

Q: A parent isn't receiving emails. What should I do?  1:18 Video

Q: How can I tell if parents are receiving my emails?  1:46 Video





Hey there! We all know that the best way to engage your parents and participants is through strong communication and sharing photos and videos. 

PLAYERSPACE's messaging platform makes it easy to communicate with your parents to keep them up to date on all that is happening in your programs! 

On this page, you will learn how to:

›  Upload media on the PLAYERSPACE mobile app

›  Create custom emails

›  View message history

›  Create contact groups

Q: I created a template in one program, but it isn't available in my other program. How can I get a template to show up in all of my programs?  1:40 Video

Q: How can I add a PDF into a message?  2:10 Video

Training Topics - Communication/Media

› Customize Emails to Parents and Counselors - Use our drag and drop feature to send emails to your program               participants

› Fastest Way to Email Login and Schedule Information - Utilize merge tags to send personalized information through      a mass email

› Email Additional Family Members - Include relatives on important league updates such as schedule adjustments

› View Message Recipient Option Descriptions - Understand message recipient options 

Q: How can I send a message to all emergency contacts that families have entered?  :51 Video

Q: How can I email participants from multiple weeks of camp in one message?  1:55 Video

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