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Steps to Success

  • Manage Your Forms and Waivers – Keep your forms and waivers in one safe place with the PLAYERSPACE app. No more filing cabinets of papers to sift through!

  • Communicate with Your Families – Messaging through a single platform allows for consistent messages and added value to your program

  • Download the Mobile App – The PLAYERSPACE mobile app makes attendance, checking in/out, and reporting a breeze

  • Export Waivers and Check In/Check Out log – Any digital forms or waivers that are uploaded into PLAYERSPACE can be exported for your needs





Hey there, I’m Barbara, your Assistant!   


Managing campers' forms and waivers, checking campers in/out, and solving your communication problems with CampSpace is a breeze! From getting started to how the pros do it, you'll find it all right here!


You got this! I’m here 24/7 to make sure of that! 

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