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Add a Document Upload Prerequisite


A Document Upload Prerequisite allows you to link an external file such as a course that cannot be hosted on PLAYERSPACE to enable your Volunteers to upload their certificate.


1. Go to your Parent Association Page



2. From the navigation menu, click on RiskMGT > Manage Applicants



3. Click the Prerequisites Tab



4. Click the Add Prerequisite button


AddPrereq4 (1).png

5. Fill out the relevant information in the Add Prerequisite pop-up window



Prerequisite Type: You will have the option to designate the form/waiver as: 


  • Document Upload - Select this option if the form/waiver is a certification or authorized document that cannot be replicated as a custom waiver. (Ex: Doctor’s signature on a physical, form required for licensing, Certificate from a course that cannot be completed via SCORM file) 

  • Medical History Release and Emergency Contact Form – (for Child Care Programs) Select this option if you will be collecting Medical History and Emergency Contact information through CampSpace or InCare. This will enable parents the ability to complete the Medical History and Emergency Contact information within their account. 

  • Custom Waiver/Release Form - Select this option if you will be creating/recreating a custom form or vendor waiver. 

  • Pick-up Authorization – (for Child Care Programs) Select this option if you will be collecting Authorized Pick-up information through CampSpace or InCare. This will enable parents the ability to complete the Authorized Pick-up section of their account. 


Prerequisite Intended For:  

  • Coaches & Volunteers – Creates a prerequisite for Coaches & Volunteers that will be available in the Coaching and Volunteering section of their profile 

  • Parents of Participants – Creates a prerequisite for parents of Camp and InCare programs that will be available in the Parent Center section of their account. See help here for user experience of the Parent Center 

Age Minimum  

  • Sets the minimum age of the person that the prerequisite is for. Ex. Only campers over the age of 12 require this form 


Who can upload files?  

  • All Staff & Coaches/Volunteers – This setting will allow your participants to upload documents from their Coaching & Volunteering section of their profile as well as enabling administrators to upload a document on behalf of the user   

  • Only Designated Staff Members – This setting will disable your participants from uploading the prerequisite and the prerequisite will only be visible from the administrator’s applicant overview 

Document Expiration  

  • Set your prerequisites to expire based on the number of months after they were completed or at the end of the uploaded calendar year. 

Required Upload?  

  • Setting this for Yes will make this a required prerequisite for assignment to a program. Setting this option to No will still enable the participant to complete the prerequisite but will not prevent them from being assigned to a program.  

Requires Background Check?  

  • Setting this to Yes will require that the background check is fully approved before a participant is able to access this prerequisite. If this setting is No, the participant can complete the prerequisite in any stage of their application.  

Requires Training Course?  

  • This setting will allow you to host a training course within PLAYERSPACE. View Training Course setup here

External Prerequisite/Training Provider 

  • If a Training Course is enabled this setting will verify that PLAYERSPACE is the training provider.  

More Information URL 

  • Insert a URL here that will direct your coach/volunteer to an online form, training course, or document. Ex. CDC Heads Up Concussion is only hosted through the CDC website. Link the URL here for the CDC Course.  

Prerequisite Order 

  • This setting changes the display order in your prerequisites. 

Requires Manual Review  

  • Changing this setting to Yes will require that an administrator of your program must manually review and approve this prerequisite in order to be marked as completed. If this setting is no, once the prerequisite is completed it will be automatically marked as approved. PLAYERSPACE recommends requiring Manual Review for all Document Upload prerequisites to ensure the proper document was uploaded.  

Available in following languages 

  • Custom Waivers are available to be built in English and Spanish, this will enable the parent/coach/volunteer to choose an English or Spanish version in their profile.  


  • Insert a description that will show in the “More Info” section of a prerequisite from the participants perspective.

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1. Name your Prerequisite

2. Select Document Upload under the Prerequisite Type dropdown

3. Enter a More Information URL for your external document or course link

    Note: PLAYERSPACE recommends requiring Manual Review for all Document Upload prerequisites to ensure the proper            document was uploaded

4. Fill out a Description

5. Click the Submit Changes button






document upload 2.png

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1. Click Select Action > Relationships


relationship one.png

2. Click the checkbox of the program you wish to apply the prerequisite or click the toggle to apply to all programs in the branch

    Note: You can select a specific division in a program if the prerequisite only applies to that division

3. Click the Update Relationships button

    Note:  These relationships are seasonal. You will need to update these relationships as new programs/seasons/divisions are        added




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