Build Dynamic and Responsive Email Templates 


PLAYERSPACE provides a state-of-the-art drag n drop interface that allows you to build engaging and responsive emails. Quickly and easily add photos, graphics, buttons and content to your email templates to drive engagement and usage.


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Merge Tags allow you to send auto log-in links to your program participants to access specific areas of their account

1. To insert Merge Tags, click within a text box


2. After clicking on a text box, the text formatting box should appear. Click the Merge Tags button



3. Select the Merge Tag you would like to insert

    NOTE: The link will be placed where your cursor is located in the text box. All Merge Tags are unique to the recipient and          will auto-log them into their account.




  • Login Credentials* - Allows the user to recover/update their password

  • Deep Dashboard* - Directs the user to the main dashboard of their PLAYERSPACE account

  • Deep Calendar* - Gives the recipient directions on how to sync their PLAYERSPACE schedules to a 3rd party calendar (Ex: Google Calendar, iPhone Calendar)

  • Deep Subacct* - Logs the user in to their sub-accounts (child accounts)

  • Deep Eval* - Links the Evaluation section of the parent profile to view swim, gymnastics, or sports evaluation

  • Deep Team Link - Sends the user to their PLAYERSPACE Team Page

  • Deep Team Schedule Link - Links the Schedule for their assigned teams

  • Deep Bracket Link - Directs the user to their Playoff Bracket

  • Deep Link* - Sends the user to a General Use Questionnaire

  • Deep Schedule Link* - Directs the user to their PLAYERSPACE schedule

  • Coach's Corner Help* - Directs to PLAYERSPACE help site for coaches

  • Coach's Roster* - Directs the coach to their Roster in PLAYERSPACE

  * Auto-logs the user into their account

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Q: When I copy and paste from Microsoft Word, why do I lose my formatting?

A: When copying and pasting from Microsoft Word, formatting is cleared to avoid unwanted special characters from appearing in your message. The unwanted characters typically are formatting commands built into Microsoft Word and can not be translated in the messaging editor. The editor clears all formatting to ensure the message in the preview pane is the same formatting as the message that will be sent to your recipients. 

Q: The text formatting bar is on top of the text input box where I am trying to type. How do I fix this? 

A: The text formatting bar will stay at the top of your text box until you click the enter/return button or click outside the text input box.

Q: How do I insert Deep Links into my message so my recipients can view their program schedule, log in information, rosters, etc.? 

A: All of the links previously labeled as "Mappable Keywords or Deep Links" are now labeled as Merge Tags and are found in the text formatting bar that appears when you are typing within the messenger. Click here for an overview of this functionality.