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InCare - Participation Requirements

Participation Requirements Training Video 11 min

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Hey there! InCare makes it easy for parents to complete all participation requirements in one place. 

On this page you will learn how to:

› Create a Form/Waiver

› Approve/Reject Uploaded Forms

› Enter Emergency Contacts & Authorized Pickups

› Complete Required Forms & Waivers

› Fill out Participant Medical History

› Export Forms & Waivers

You got this!

Questions From Your Childcare Director Peers

Q: How do I send a reminder to parents to fill out forms?  :44 Video

Q: How can I see if a specific parent has filled out forms?  :43 Video

Q: How do I export completed waivers?  :46 Video

Q: We don't require immunizations. How can I take those off of the health history form?  1:22 Video

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