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CampSpace: Learn from the Pros Webinar

April 30, 2019


Topic: Scheduling

Pro: Chris Capone, VP of Sales & Customer Operations - PLAYERSPACE

  • Automated group creation and camper placement 

  • Easily create summer long schedules 

  • View schedules on mobile app 

Topic: Email & Text

Pro: Danny Koba, Executive Director of Youth Development - YMCA of Silicon Valley

  • Responsive Email Templates 

  • Drag-and-drop images & Content 

  • Stock Graphics & Buttons 

  • Copy & Paste right from Word 

  • Share images across your association 

  • Quickly send important updates through text messaging 

Topic: Media Sharing

Pro: Angie Papach, Customer Success Manager - PLAYERSPACE

  • Camp and group information sync seamlessly between web and app 

  • Easily upload media and communicate updates through mobile app 

  • Alleviate parent anxiety through automated updates and photo sharing 

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