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LeagueMVP: Learn from the Pros Webinar

April 11, 2019


Topic: Messaging

Pro: Christie Greer, Association Marketing Director - Gateway Region YMCA

  • Responsive Email Templates

  • Drag n Drop Images and Content

  • Stock Graphics and Buttons

  • Copy and Paste Directly from MS Word

  • Share Images Across Your Association

Topic: Brackets

Pro: Mitchel Czech, Sports Director - YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities

  • State-of-the-art User Interface and  Bracket Creation Tools

  • Customized Brackets with Unlimited Branding Options

  • High Resolution for Poster-sized Print Options

  • Bracket Redesign Including Team Logos

Topic: Mobile Stats & Scoresheets

Pro: Alexi Thackery, Sports Director - Greater Wichita YMCA

  • Web and Standings Updated in Real Time

  • Designed with Sport-specific Expertise

  • Simple Tap and Record Interface

  • Printable Scoresheets Available for Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball

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