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Shark NV360 vacuum accessories and features have you used all of them?

Being released a long time ago, the Shark NV360 upright vacuum is still a favorite choice of many people because of its quality and consistency. Besides the main cleaning head, this vacuum includes other accessories and features that help cleaning most of the places in the house. If you have never used all provided tools, read this article to understand their functions.


Like other upright vacuums, the brush roll of the Shark 360 vacuum is located in the cleaning head. It is the main cleaning tool of the vacuum. When operating, the rolling brush and suction power collect all the dirt and debris on the surfaces and deliver it to the canister through the hose.

The most frequent problem with this component is hair stagnation, which often occurs when we collect pet hair on the ground. To get rid of this, lay down the vacuum, use a scissor to cut the hair, and take it out by your hand.

The brush roll of Shark navigator 360 is undetachable, so it is pretty difficult if you want to clean. Also, if you want to change a new brush, you may need to bring the vacuum to maintenance.


You may find this button near the handle of Shark vacuum model nv360. In general, we have two cases to use it. First, when you realize that some hair wraps around the brush but you still want to continue, you can turn it off to avoid further problems. Second, when you move to vacuum between bare floors and carpets, shutting the brush down will avoid getting stuck because of powerful suction.


This tool is like a part of a hose but has a flat and narrow mouth. You can attach it to the cleaning hose (detached from the head) to vacuum narrow or difficult spaces such as between furniture or crevices on the sofa. A crevice tool is made of plastic. If it is broken, you can buy a new one from the store.


This tool has a shape like the cleaning head but has bristles on the underneath surface. Like the crevice tool, it is attached to the cleaning hose to vacuum difficult spaces that the whole machine cannot approach. An upholstery tool is mainly used for leather or cloth surfaces such as mattresses or curtains. You can also buy a new one from the store if it gets problems.


You must have been introduced to this feature when buying the Shark navigator lift-away deluxe nv360 vacuum. There is a button on the body behind the dust cup. Press it to detach the canister with the cleaning hose (still connected to the power cord), and you can bring the handheld pod to vacuum difficult or higher places that the bulky machine cannot do. You can attach the crevice tool or upholstery tool to work, but pay attention to the power cord’s length.


Shark NV360 Reviews doesn’t come with many tools, but those accessories are enough to deal well with frequent cleaning tasks in the house.

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