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SwimWins - Add Instructors/Manage Groups

Add Instructors/Manage Groups Training Video  6 min

Questions from Your Aquatics Director Peers

Q: How can we send instructors information about their class?  2:47 Video

Click Here to Get Started With Evaluations and Attendance!

Training Topics - Add Instructors/Manage Groups

 Manage Locations - If manually adding classes, enter in facility and pool addresses

 Add General Blackout Dates - If manually adding classes, add dates that swim lessons will not be held

 Add Timeslots - If manually adding classes by group, you must first add timeslots

Create Class Schedules by Class - Input class times based on day of the week and pool availability

Create Class Schedules by Group - Input class times based on day of the week and pool availability

 Remove a Class - Delete a class from the system

Add and Manage Instructors - Import and  manage your Instructors so they can be assigned to classes in the future

 Assign Instructors - Give Instructors access to rosters so they can take attendance and record evaluations




Assistant Swim Instructor

OK, now that you have seen what PLAYERSPACE can do to help you excel at your job, we're going to learn how to:


› Add/Manage Instructors

› Assign Instructors to Groups

› Remove/Replace Instructors

› Manage Group Assignments

Follow these instructions and you'll be on your way to managing your instructors and groups in no time! 

Q: How can I replace the current assigned instructor?  :36 Video

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