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Steps to Success

  • Assign Templates to Class - Easily assign evaluation templates to certain classes to track swimmer progress

  • Manage Instructors - Add new instructors to your sessions and manage which classes they are assigned to

  • Download the Mobile App - The PLAYERSPACE mobile app makes it possible to manage your sessions poolside

  • Record Evaluations - Track swimmer progress and easily share this information with parents

  • Send Welcome Letter - Make a good first impression with a letter of introduction from your instructors


Hey there, I’m Brian, your Assistant Swim Instructor!   


Recording evaluations, generating schedules, and solving your communication problems with SwimWins is a breeze! From getting started to how the pros do it, you’ll find it all right here! 


You've got this! And I’m here 24/7 to make sure of that! 



Assistant Swim Instructor

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