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YMCA National Sports & Swim Platform Webinar

January 23, 2019

Please Note: Webinar begins at 4:26


Q: MEMBER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM INTEGRATION:  What MMS companies do you integrate with and how does it work?

A: Active, CCC, Daxko, Personify, Thinsoft, and SPIRIT.  We have also done several custom integrations.  Participants register in your MMS and those registrations seamlessly transfer to PLAYERSPACE.

Q: PRICING:  How does the $1 per registration pricing work and are there any additional fees? 

A: The fee is $1 per registration and no additional PLAYERSPACE charges are incurred.  Click here for full details and explanation.

Q: RISK & VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT:  Can your system manage non-sports volunteer opportunities and does it have a feature that allows for document, certification, and background check management?

A: Yes, Yes, and Yes!  Our Risk / Volunteer Management system (RiskMGT) was built exclusively on YMCA customer feedback and is integrated seamlessly with all PLAYERSPACE  applications.

Q: PRESENTATION DOWNLOAD: Is the presentation Power Point available to share with staff?

A: Absolutely!  Click the icon below to download the webcast presentation.




Q: GETTING STARTED: How easy is it to get started with PLAYERSPACE and does staff catch on quickly?

A: We think pretty easy. PLAYERSPACE has developed an on-boarding and training process over the years and has optimized it with over 150 YMCA associations. Our Customer Success Managers work with your association to implement a plan that works specifically for you.

Q: PRIVACY: How do I know that program participants' and members' privacy is protected?

A: Please read our Privacy Protection Overview.


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