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SwimWins - Instructor Resources

Getting Started

  1. Your Swim Director sets you up for success by receiving swimmer registrations, building your class roster, and creating your schedules

 2.  You will receive an email from your Swim Director with directions to create your PLAYERSPACE login on the web so              that you can easily access your swim classes

3.  Download the PLAYERSPACE mobile app to quickly access all that you need at your finger tips!


With the PLAYERSPACE mobile app you can:

Instantly access all of your class rosters                          Evaluate your swimmers poolside


Send emails and text messages to your parents            Engage your participants by sharing media


Overview Video   7 min

Questions From Your Peers

Q: How do I see the classes that I am assigned to?   :26Video




Assistant Swim Instructor

Hey there, Instructors!

I'm Brian, your Assistant Swim Instructor. I'm here to ensure that you have a stress-free session and provide your swimmers and parents with the best experience possible.


Whether it's communication, scheduling, evaluations, you name it - I am here to help you succeed! 

You want your parents to see that you are doing a great job and that you care for their children and their development. With these resources up your sleeve, there is no doubt in my mind that you are going to crush this!

Q: How do I record evaluations?  1:52 Video

Q: How can I message the parents of my participants?  1:06 Video

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