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LeagueMVP - Team Building

Team Building Training Video  14 min


Questions from Your Sports Director Peers

Q: How can I add jersey size to a roster?  1:44 Video

Q: How do I add an additional email to an account?   1:40 Video

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Q: How can I share roster information with coaches?  3:45 Video




Assistant Coach

OK, now that you have seen what PLAYERSPACE can do to help you excel at your job, we're going to learn how to build teams. 

On this page you will learn how to:


Place Players on Teams

Add Coaches to Teams

View Player Info

Hide Rosters from Parents

Keep it up! You'll be on your way to building teams in no time! 

Q: How can I replace a coach that is assigned to a team? There is a lock button, so they can't be removed.   :54 Video

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