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VolunteerPlus/RiskMGT - Set up Participation Requirements

Set up Participation Requirements Training Video 15 min

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Training Topics - Set up Participation Requirements

 Create a Participation Requirement for Volunteers, Parents, or Staff - Examples include downloadable forms, custom     waivers, and online courses

 Create a Custom Form or Waiver - Examples include Code of Conduct, Liability Waivers, Social Media Policy, and more

 Use the Customer Form Builder - Digitize your paper forms using our Custom Form building toolkit

Create a Document Upload Participation Requirement - Link an external file and enable your Volunteers to upload         their certificate

 Add a Training Course - Set up a course for volunteers to complete before they are eligible to volunteer

 Link a Participation Requirement to a Volunteer Opportunity or Program - Establish a relationship between a                 participation requirement and a program or volunteer category

Submit a Background Check and Review Results - Access background check results and approve or reject an applicant

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Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Hey everyone! Getting Volunteers registered and approved is made simple with RiskMGT and VolunteerPlus!

On this page you will learn how to:

› Review/Submit a Background Check

› Add Participation Requirements

› Add a Custom Form/Waiver

You got this!

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