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VolunteerPlus/RiskMGT - Help Your Volunteers

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Help Your Volunteers Training Video   6 min

Questions From Your Peers

Q: How does a volunteer see/sign up for available opportunities?   :38 Video

Q: What happens when a volunteer's forms or waivers are about to expire?   :25 Video

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Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

I know that Volunteers are special to you, so I am here to help you help them!

On this page you will find the following resources to assist your volunteers:

› Sign-Up Tips for Volunteer Opportunities

› Fill Out Waivers

› Complete a Training Course

Training Topics - Help Your Volunteers

Sign Up for Volunteer Opportunities - Find available volunteer opportunities and reserve your spot

Complete a Training Course - Launch and complete a required course for volunteering

Upload a Required Document - Scan and upload a required form to your profile

Fill out a Custom Form or Waiver - Complete an online form or waiver for volunteering

Q: Can volunteers track their own hours? :57 Video

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