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SwimWins - Evaluations/Attendance

Evaluations/Attendance Training Video


Questions From Your Aquatics Director Peers

Q: A class is not showing for an instructor to record evaluations. What should I do?  :30 Video

Q: How do I send a mid-session progress report? 1:46 Video

Click Here to Get Started With Messaging!

Training Topics - Evaluations/Attendance

 Assign Templates - Match your classes with the appropriate stage of your curriculum

 Transfer Skills - Transfer evaluations from previous sessions

 Record Evaluations by Participant - Record swimmer progress in participant view mode

Record Evaluations by Skill Record swimmer progress in skill view mode

 View Session Report - View and/or export an evaluation report for your session

 View Individual Progress Report - View and/or export an evaluation report for an individual swimmer

 Record Attendance - Easily record daily class attendance at your fingertips




Assistant Swim Instructor

Alright, next up we are going to learn how you can record class attendance and use evaluations to track swimmer progress. This feature makes it possible to digitally record the skills of your swimmers poolside. No more soggy evaluation papers for you or recording information twice! 

In this section you will learn how to:

 Assign Templates

 Record Evaluations

 Record Attendance

You can do it! I'm rooting for you. 

Q: Is there a report that shows the evaluations that have been recorded?  :59 Video

Q: How do I send a parent session evaluation?   1:52 Video

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