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SwimWins - Messaging

Messaging Training Video 27 min

Questions From Your Aquatics Director Peers

Q: How can I tell if parents have received my emails?  1:49 Video

Q: I created a template in one program, but it isn't available in my other program. How can I create templates so they are available in all programs?  :54 Video

Q: How do I add a PDF to a message?   1:52 Video

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Assistant Swim Instructor

Hey there! Now that you have learned how to add instructors, manage groups, and complete evaluations, let's talk about communication! PLAYERSPACE's messaging platform allows you to send personalized emails and text messages to families that are enrolled in your programs.

Here you will learn how to:


› Send a Welcome Letter

› Send Emails and Text Messages

› Create Custom Templates

› Build Custom Recipient Lists

› Review Opt-Outs and Bounces

Come learn with me!

Q: A parent isn't receiving emails. What should I do?   1:18 Video

Q: How can I send parents information on their children?   2:04 Video

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