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CampSpace - Participation Requirements

Participation Requirements Training Video 8 min

Questions from Your Camp Director Peers

Q: How do I send a reminder to parents to fill out forms?  :44 Video

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Training Topics - Participation Requirements

Create Custom Forms and Waivers - Digitize your paper forms using our Custom Form building toolkit

› Review Form and Waiver Submissions - Approve or reject form submissions from parents

 Export Bus Roster - Easily take attendance on trips with exportable reports

 Export Health History Report - Ensure the safety of participants by having health information on hand

 Manage Emergency Contacts - Add or remove contacts on behalf of a parent

 Export Custom Waivers - Print completed forms for your needs

 Export Check In/Out with Medical Information - Easily take attendance with exportable reports

 Export Check In/Out with Authorized Pickups - Easily take attendance with exportable reports





Hey there! CampSpace makes it easy for parents to complete all participation requirements and fill out all necessary forms in one place. 

On this page you will learn how to:

› Create a Form/Waiver

› Approve/Reject Uploaded Forms

› Enter Emergency Contacts & Authorized Pickups

› Complete Required Forms & Waivers

› Fill out Participant Medical History

› Export Forms & Waivers

You got this!

Q: How can I approve or deny waivers after they have been completed?  3:14 Video

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