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CampSpace - Group Building/Scheduling

Group Building Training Video 6 min

Activity Scheduling Training Video 8 min

Questions from Your Camp Director Peers

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Training Topics - Group Building/Scheduling

Divide Participants into Classrooms or Sub-groups - Divide participants by age, grade, or classroom for communication     and attendance purposes

› Advanced Group Building - Create camp sets to work in and copy groups to other weeks of camp

› Manage Venues and Locations - Input the physical address and names of your venues and activity locations

› Create Activity Schedule Templates - Enter your activities and time blocks for scheduling

› Create Activity Schedules - Place your activities on the schedule for parents to see





OK, now that you have seen how to set up participation requirements, we're going to learn how to build groups and activity schedules. 

On this page you will learn how to:

Build Groups

Manage Venues and Locations

Create Activity Schedules

Keep it up! You'll be on your way to building groups and schedules in no time! 


Q: A parent would like an additional person to receive communication. How can I add someone to a carbon copy list?  :41 Video

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